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The Stick in the Mud Coffee House is a Sooke legend. It's a community hub, gathering place, community hall, business centre, and offline Tinder and oh, a place to get a great cup of coffee!

But it's closing. 

After 16 years, the owner has decided to close the coffee house while continuing to operate the roastoreum. 

The Sooke Community Investment Cooperative has submitted a Letter of Intent to buy the coffee house and is in the process of finalizing the sale. 

Once the sale is final, the Coop will rehire staff and prepare the coffee house to reopen under the name of Cafe Vosino.

 See who's already involved.


  • We have secured a CRA business number.

  • We have incorporated as a cooperative.

  • We have hired a general manager for the coffee shop and are in the process of writing employment contracts for the rest of the staff.

  • We are building out the administrative structure for the cooperative. 

  • We will be serving coffee from the same place as the stick, relying on David Evans' expertise as a roaster.


What do you have to do before reopening the coffee house?

We are doing due diligence and negotiating the terms of the sale. We need to rehire staff and prepare the premises for reopening.

What will the coffee house be called?

David is retaining the Stick in the Mud name for his roastarium so the coffee house will have a new name, Cafe Vosino. Long term Sooke residents will recognize Sooke's original postal code in the name!

Can I still become a coop member?

Yes, you can become a member at any time. Apply here.

Can I still invest in the coffee house?

Yes, fill out the application here or contact us with any questions.

Will there be a member benefit for buying at Cafe Vosino?

Yes, there will be a loyalty program that will see members receive a rebate for purchases. The amount of rebate is still be worked out.

I don't live in Sooke but I like this idea. Can I still support the Coop without being a member?

Yes, you can make a straight donation here. 

Can I purchase a membership for someone else?

Yes, make sure you fill out the application in the name and contact information of the member and insert a note telling us the name of the person paying for the membership.

What do you get in return for your membership fee?

You get a coop membership with a coop number. You will get a yearly patronage rebate, the more coffees you buy, the bigger your rebate. And you get a vibrant shared community space that serves amazing coffee, that you are a part owner in.


Am you taking on risk by owning a part of the business?

Incorporated coops offer limited liability to its investors and members, so you will not be responsible for any debt incurred by the business.


Are you taking a risk with your money?

Yes you are. We don’t want you investing all your retirement savings. But if you continue to patronize Cafe Vosino the way you have done with the Stick, we think the risk is quite minimal, and the benefits are enormous. 


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