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SCIC was formed to keep a beloved coffee house locally owned. Now Cafe Vosino is owned by nearly 300 members of the Co-op.

Cafe Vosino opened its doors on September 18th and Sooke residents are once again enjoying their breakfast eggamajigs!

You can still be part of this amazing initiative by joining the Coop and/or purchasing shares.

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Merch now available!


Drop by Cafe Vosino and enjoy the best coffee in Sooke!!

Members are eligible for discounts on merchandise and loyalty rewards. Please subscribe to ensure you get the latest news about your benefits.


This has been a go to spot for me for many years, frequenting at least several times a week. It’s where I take a break from the chaos of work, where I go for a laugh with the staff, and where I feel really welcome. It’s much more than a coffee shop to me.

Member Investor

Mark K.

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